The Museum Life Radio Program

November 15, 2013 Museum Life 0 Comments

The word museum may conjure an image of rooms filled with artwork or looming dinosaur skeletons, taxidermy or objects from cultures long gone. Museums have, traditionally, been places that collect, display and interpret the stuff of our society, the things we value for the information they hold, the way they make us feel or what they tell us about ourselves. Today, they are much more, providing places for people to gather, learn and even play. Museums are also big business. Most cities boast to having at least one museum and many communities have anchored their economic development around a museum that can draw tourists. New museums are being built all over the world. What does it say about us as a society that we value these institutions so highly? How can museums play even more central roles in their communities? Are museums nice places or essential places? For these and other issues related to museums today, tune in Fridays at 7 AM Pacific on VoiceAmerica Variety.