Success begins with good planning. We provide a methodical approach to help organizations connect with their audiences through exhibitions, programs and digital media. The planning process helps organizations gather their thoughts, listen to their stakeholders and create a road map to guide their efforts.

There are many different kinds of plans. We specialize in:

Institutional Planning


An institution-wide plan refines or reaffirms an organization’s mission, vision and values, especially during times of change or challenge. We help clients identify goals and objectives that ensure their organization remains sustainable and relevant to its community.


Interpretive Planning


An interpretive plan tells an organization’s story and the enduring truths that make a story memorable. We work with clients to find their stories and identify the best ways to tell them through place-based and digital strategies.


Operational Planning


Every plan has operational consequences. We council  clients in the operational implications of their decisions and help them develop strategies for caring for collections, building audience and training staff.