Mail Call, Smithsonian National Postal Museum

Washington, DC

To many, letter writing may seem a quaint and charming pastime. But for military personnel and especially their families, mail is essential. The ways and means of mail delivery have changed over time, but the essential messages are the same. Our heartfelt letters, official news, and packages from home bind families, resonate with sincerity, and in times of crisis can elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary.

The permanent exhibition opened to the public in 2012. It was an honor to work with Lynne Heidelbaugh, curator at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum on this exhibition that told the story of letter writing and military communication from the American Revolution through the Gulf War. We worked together to develop the interpretive messages and choose the most compelling objects and images.  I added my colleague Melanie Perlman Baron to the team as a writing collaborator.

I was gratified when the Postal Museum selected me to work with them on another permanent exhibit Beyond the Badge: The United States Postal Inspection Service that opened in 2014.





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