My Museum Life

I post musings about the museum field and share ideas inspired by guests on my radio program Museum Life. I publish occasional papers on technical aspects of exhibition development and some of my creative writing just for fun.

What Makes Special Audiences Special?

November 7, 2014 Museum Life

My interview with Beth Redmond-Jones on Museum Life today really got me thinking. As Beth said on the show, 1 in…

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The Entertainment Straightjacket

October 14, 2014 General Musings

During my Museum Life interview with Nancy Proctor on October 10, 2014, Nancy stated that museums need to move away from…

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The Interpretive Planner of the Future

August 1, 2014 General Musings

I recently participated in the Future of Museums virtual conference, organized jointly by the New Media Consortium and AAM’s Center for…

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Hope for Science Centers

December 13, 2013 Museum Life

I have been very concerned about the future of science centers, but after my interview today with Alan Friedman, I am…

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The Museum Life Radio Program

November 15, 2013 Museum Life 0 Comments

The word museum may conjure an image of rooms filled with artwork or looming dinosaur skeletons, taxidermy or objects from cultures…

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